my bucket list

101+ Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die
First written 2005; last updated December 2012
Highlighted items already done or presently being worked on.

  1. Own a home.
  2. Furnish our home with a private library.
  3. Make a stunning a photo wall.  Stunning, i.e., not so-so.  
  4. Have a painting studio at home.
  5. Tour the Philippines.  [Working on it every now and then]
  6. Have at least two children. Biological would be preferred, but I have no problem with adoption. 
  7. Create a time capsule for my kids.
  8. Reopen aforementioned time capsule with the kids, or gift it on their wedding day.
  9. Have my name changed legally.
  10. Work on a 365 Project yearly.  [Did it for 3 years.  Eventually got tired]
  11. Sponsor a less fortunate child's education for a year.
  12. Make a successful kaleidoscope.
  13. Write a novel. [Currently working on it in my head, but I don't have the courage to commit it to writing]
  14. Write a nonfiction book and see it published.
  15. Publish a volume of poetry.
  16. Be a contributor to a publication.
  17. Open an artsy cafĂ© or resto of sorts with a group of friends. 
  18. Disciple twelve.  [ongoing ]
  19. With the hubby, mentor a younger couple.
  20. Write a script for a little play.
  21. Direct or co-direct a small production of sorts. 
  22. Capture a night sky event, like a meteor shower, in a satisfactory if not excellent photograph.
  23. Witness a curious natural lightning display, like ball lightning, upward strikes, sprites or purple-blue St. Elmo's fire; preferably photograph it too.
  24. Photograph the aurora.
  25. Pat or feed a killer whale.  Or dolphin.
  26. Hold a Geek Party.
  27. Go on an African Safari.         
  28. Teach Filipino to a foreigner who can't speak the language but wants to learn.
  29. Preach to large-ish [500 or so] congregation.  [December 2006]
  30. Preach to a crowd of a thousand or more. 
  31. Skydive.
  32. Write lyrics that will be set to music.
  33. Write lyrics that will be sung and recorded, preferably by someone famous.  Like Bono.  I like Bono.  I had a dream about that once. But alright, someone semi-famous will do.        
  34. See something I made in a magazine, an ad, on television or some other visual medium.
  35. Create an online gallery of my works.
  36. Open an online shop.  [Opened November 2007. Got tired of it December 2012.]
  37. Open an actual shop.   
  38. Learn French. [Working on it now]
  39. Learn German. [Working on it now]
  40. Learn Nihongo.
  41. Translate a publication, program, or piece from English to Filipino.
  42. Visit and photograph the Seven Wonders of the World (any seven of any list)
  43. Visit and photograph the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
  44. Tour the Holy Land.
  45. Hold an art exhibit with a few friends.
  46. Write text for a children’s book.
  47. Illustrate a children’s book that gets published.
  48. Fire a real gun.       
  49. Be instrumental in saving a life, solving a crime or creating a solution to a major problem.        
  50. Walk along Hyams Beach, New South Wales, and maybe bring home some of the whitest sand in the world.  I mean, if it's not illegal to scoop the sand and put it in a bottle.
  51. Scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef.
  52. Learn to play the harp.
  53. Donate blood.  [almost happened a couple of times; always got rejected]
  54. Pilot a plane, even just for a few seconds. Okay, I'll settle for sitting in the cockpit
  55. Tour Europe and take amazing photos.
  56. Visit Paris.
  57. See the historical objets 'dart at the Louvre.
  58. Tour Rome and do the whole touristy thing.
  59. Tour Vatican City.
  60. Eat Neapolitan pizza - the best pizza in the world - in Naples.
  61. Visit the galleries in Florence.  
  62. See the gigantic pink bunny. 
  63. Take a cliche-ic gondola ride through Venice.  I mean the real Venice, not the one in Vegas.   [Already did the Vegas thing though]
  64. Have a drink at Oktoberfest in Munich.
  65. Photograph a medieval castle.
  66. Photograph a medieval castle from the inside.  I've been told this is isn't permitted, but I still want to do it anyway.
  67. Visit my friend Paul's castle.  He said he'll have one someday.
  68. Tour Turkey.
  69. Eat lobster.  [Done. i don't get what the fuss is about.]
  70. Own a ridiculously expensive but utterly wonderful leather bag or pair of shoes.
  71. Own a piece of ridiculously expensive, real jewelry.   
  72. Make love under the stars.
  73. Go up in a hot air balloon.
  74. View some planets and deep space objects through a telescope.
  75. Visit Japan.
  76. Visit South Korea.
  77. Tour the U.S.
  78. Shout “life!” from the top of [or somewhere high up on] the Statue of Liberty.
  79. See and photograph the Grand Canyon.
  80. Experience a sub-zero environment. [Done.  Las Vegas, December 2012.  Not fun. Not fun at all.]
  81. Grow our own herbs-and-spices garden.
  82. Spot all the constellations. [Identified 32/88 so far. ]
  83. Walk through a butterfly farm.
  84. Create a series of several large-ish paintings.         
  85. Work on a mural.
  86. Watch a play at Broadway.
  87. See a Cirque Du Soleil show.
  88. See a Cirque Du Solien show in Las Vegas.
  89. Pet a lion, tiger or any large, wild cat.
  90. Ski.  Or water ski. 
  91. Be close friends with a gay couple.
  92. Visit every continent, Antartica not necessary.
  93. Sing in public.
  94. Sing at a friend's wedding.
  95. Officiate a wedding.
  96. Be a Samuel to a David, and see that David in a position of great influence.
  97. Pull a Daniel.
  98. Be used for a clear-cut Jesus-lifting miracle.        
  99. Raise a pair of rabbits.
  100. Get my rabbit to star in a video, ad or something of the sort.
  101. Shear a sheep or some other wool-producing animal.  Even just partially.
  102. Bake a successful, presentable cake from scratch, with frosting and everything, and serve it.
  103. Make homemade cheese or butter.
  104. Cook sinigang the old-fashioned way - with real sampaloc.
  105. Experience flying first class.
  106. Complete an interesting installation of various white objects.
  107. Get interviewed for something on television.
  108. Birth a non-churchy church.
  109. Help establish and sustain a functioning ministry for overchurched jadeds.
  110. Speak at a conference of sorts about bipolar mood.
  111. Earn a degree in history, art history, psychology or some enjoyable left-brained discipline.
  112. Take a course in interior design, culinary arts or some other enjoyable right-brained practice.
  113. Gather the guts to see if I qualify for MENSA.
  114. Live in another country for at least / around a year.
  115. Photograph an enigma or a fascinating illusion.
  116. Have a best friend I deem worthy of the title.
  117. Throw a huge party and invite everyone I love.