Tuesday, August 24, 2010

fourth runner-up ain't so bad, miss venus :)

Photo from here.

Venus Raj at the Miss Universe Pageant is a big breath of fresh air after yesterday's messy hostage drama. Of course we kababayans of hers wish she won, but fourth runner up is already huge accomplishment. She might have botched the Q&A but she did pretty well in everything else - so I still applaud her and everyone else on Team Venus.

(Given, she later admitted she was nervous. But in my opinion, it's not that she gave a poor answer. I think she got a bad question. The other ladies' questions had socio-political dimensions to it, so it was easy for them to appear smart simply by giving their thoughts. )

Besides, Miss Mexico was a tough one to beat - I think she really deserves the crown. First Runner-upMiss Jamaica was gorgeous too (I wasn't a fan of her gown though :p ), so I don't mind if our Miss Philippines lost to them.

Congratulations, Philippines!

Monday, August 23, 2010

i won a bunny photo contest :)

Been busy for some time so I wasn't able to do much updating. But I make my comeback to the blogospere with today's cute, happy thawt.

A few weeks ago, I entered my favorite picture of my rabbit, Pepper in this photo contest in BunSpace.com. BunSpace is a site for bunny parents / bunny owners; I've been subscribing to it since Pepper and Davey were a few months old and I've picked up a lot of useful rabbit-care info from it as well as interacted with other bunny-parents. Anyway, there are around two themed photo contests each month. There isn't any cash prize or anything like that, but they give away cool, bunny-related stuff that aren't available locally, like chew toys (for rabbits - to prevent them from destorying my house) or collectibles (for humans) . Since I lose nothing and gain the possibility of winning something nice, I enter photos every now and then.

This particular contest had the theme of Close Up. I happen to have a really stunning photo of Pepper taken some time ago:

I submitted it and let the site-members' votes decide, and tah-daaaah! Pepper won Second Place!

The prize isn't any nifty bunny-stuff though. But I get three months of free upgraded membership at BunSpace - which is pretty cool too! That upgrade will allow me access to special features and more interaction.

I think I'd like to take more cute photos of Davey and Pepper in the hopes of winning again. And maybe next time I could get to take home some stuff.