welcome to my happy thawts blog!

This blog is about finding pearls along the path of life -- 
  1. Positive posts only.

  2. Safe, G-rated language.

  3. No word formations that give off cold, ugly waves of negativity (such as rants, whinges, slurs and suchlike- I have other blogs for that). No anger, sadness and / or any of their relations, unless to set off a point on joy or hope or anything nice.

  4. Simple, sparkly and fluffy things. Nothing too complex, serious or controversial.
  5. Updated at least once a week for that peachy-keen internal balance.

about me
metro manila dweller
happily married
non-litigious follower of Christ
artist of sorts
content writer
believer in miracles

- likes and loves -
intelligent conversations
good literature
pretty things
mediterranean cuisine
fresh herbs
practical theology
words with 3 or more syllables
geeky stuff
witty humor

- hobbies -
drawing and painting
writing rhythmic, rhyming poetry 
amassing interesting trivia
answering crossword puzzles
creating crossword puzzles
making fashion accessories
collecting heart-shaped rocks
collecting stamps and coins