Tuesday, January 24, 2012

more buttons

 I was looking through my files today and found these.  Sharing for grabbing.

For easy-instructions and more buttons, see this entry.

flat round

gray round

swirly, blue

swirly, pink

You're welcome! ^_^

Monday, January 16, 2012

how i plan to have a fruitful week every week

In line with starting a new year, I thought of an easy way to remember my weekly To-Do list. I'm not a "resolution" kind of person, but I don't mind writing out goals and tasks that would place my life in a good direction. 

I've assigned my chores and tasks into days of the week, and I've given each day a nickname for easy recall.

Every Monday is Bun-day
... Or bunny-day, in which I make sure to spend time with my rabbit and see to it that his home is clean and his supplies are well-stocked.
The personal / health-related dimension of Bun-day: This will be the time I eat only fruits and vegetables, a sort of weekly detox.  I'll be eating just like a rabbit naturally would - no carbs, no junk, no processed stuff, no added salt or sugar. 
I think I will also pick this day to wear no make-up or any hair product.

Tuesday is Shoes-day
... In which I dust my shoes and bags and place them back in their proper boxes and shelves.
The health-related part:  This will be when I pamper my feet and nails.

Wednesday is Cleanse-day
... In which I ensure the bedroom is clean and suitable for a good night's sleep, and that the living room is presentable enough to receive guests.
The personal cleansing:  This is when I take longer baths and exfoliate my skin.  I can do this more than once a week if needed of course, but Wednesday will be my fixed, no-rush day. 

Thursday is Thirst-day
... In which I drink lots of water.  I know that eight glasses of water are part of a good daily diet, but I forget to drink that much sometimes, particularly when I'm busy.  I'm slating Thursday to be the day I have to do it. It will also be my "drink water only day" - no juice, tea, and especially no soda.

Friday is Pray-day
... In which I spend a longer time in prayer, and make sure to pray for others.  Of course prayer should be done everyday, but Fridays will be for prayer requests that I might have forgotten about during the week. Sometimes people ask for prayer, right? ("Please pray for me / for my father who is sick / for my daughter who is taking an exam / etc.")  To be honest, I don't always remember everything people tell me, so I'm setting Fridays aside to recall all those.  This will also by the time I will pray for what goes on in the country, or something disturbing i saw in the news, so that I won't have to spend every day worrying about it.

Anything goes on Weekends... and I will see to it I lay back and have fun on Saturdays and Sundays.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

this week's new like: prosciutto e melone

My godfather gifted us with a huge slab of prosciutto (Italian ham), and I've been loving it this week.  Coincidentally, the night before I encountered that pretty parcel of pork, I found an article on CNNGo that lists it as one of the World's 50 Most Delicious Foods

I Googled for recipes, and I learned that one of the best ways to enjoy it is sliced paper-thin and wrapped around wedges of melon.

Images not mine.  Taken from the web.

Or any shape of melon, I guess. But it seems laying them side-by-side on a plate is acceptable too:

Photo not mine.

I had to shoo away my ham-related fears (such as the possibility of salmonella, and the scare of fat settling in my hips forever).  This prosciutto e melone looks so intiguing, it's something I just have  to try. Luckily there was a whole honeydew in our fruit basket.

I have neither the tools nor the skill to cut ham neatly, so I just sliced it as thin as I could with the best knife I found in the kitchen (MENTAL NOTE: Buy fillet knife or other appropriate appliance).  The clumsy bits of ham I came up with weren't large enough for wrapping around, so I just opted for the "lay them side-by-side on a plate" method. 

You must forgive me for not taking any photos; I don't think I did a very presentable presentation - it was good for eating but not really for photoblogging.

Besides, I was too excited to eat everything, so I once again failed to take a decent photo before gobbling it all up.  (Burp)   I must say it was heavenly - the subtle saltiness of the ham and the sweetness of the melon compliment each other.  It makes an excellent light dinner. 

But the ham alone is delish - it's silky and moist, it kinda reminds me of sushi.  It's totally deserving of that slot in the 50 World's Best list.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

free linking buttons

Below is a collection of buttons I've made.  I've used most of them on my blogs before, so they're kind of second-hand ;)  I thought maybe someone else would like to have them.  

Transparent background PNG images. Grab as you like.  ^_^

If you don't know how to add elements via html, here's the easy way to use these buttons:  
  1. Right click to save image to your computer.
  2. From your Blogger dashboard, go to Layout.  
  3. Click "Add a Gadget" and select "Picture".  Browse to upload your image.  In the "Link" field, input the URL of the site you want to link to.  Hit "Save" and drag gadget to desired spot.  Save arrangement.

puffy twitter buttons

other glossy / puffy buttons



flat squares

paint blobs