Thursday, June 18, 2009

happy today due to a few small and one big reason

First of all, I finally have time to blog again ! Hooray!

Now that summer is over and the tan lines have disappeared, my sked has wound down considerably. I can finally revert to my original intention of blogging twice a week.

Secondly, I gave my blogs some really nice makeovers!

Thanks to BTemplates, I acquired a few lovely and easy-to-use templates. What makes me extra happy is that these designs hardly had any kinks, and they were so easy to edit - not that they needed much editing anyway.

Of course it would have been better if I used my own designs but, bah, I'd rather use my time elsewhere.

Thirdly - and this is the biggie - I've got an answer of sorts to something I've been praying for for years.

I'd love to celebrate it a bit, but I shouldn't yet because the answer isn't complete yet. Besides, the situation involved is still not for public consumption, I think.

Basically, I've got this brother in faith who went away some years ago, and people have been praying for him of course. I wasn't praying for his protection or his prosperity; I was praying that he would come to the end of his rope so that he'd be so desperate that he would have no choice but to seek God, and no one to turn to but us, the church family that he left. Well, just a few minutes earlier, I heard from the hubby that this guy called our Senior Pastor asking for help because he was in some kind of deep shiz. As in really deep shiz. Sounds like the end of the rope right there. And even if he never asked for our help before, he called us, his true church family. If my hunch is correct, this'll be the beginning of the end of his wayward wandering.

Well, if it isn't, I'd still be excited to welcome him home.