Monday, June 6, 2011

the drive to southern cal

June third, Friday prevening. The Hubby and I rode with some family-friends to Southern California. We thought it would be good to come over and say hello to some relatives over there since California is just a few hours' drive from where we were in Nevada.

We were told it was going to be a five hour drive through the desert. No biggie, I thought; it would be the same length of time driving from Manila to Baguio through very light traffic. Nonetheless I prepared myself for a possibly boring few hours, keeping my inflatable pillow handy in case I decided to sleep the ennui away.

But I hardly slept a wink -- the scenery outside was extremely photo-worthy.

We made the trip in the late afternoon through the early evening, so there was a warm, golden glow about.

Since we were just hitching a ride, I thought it best to just considerately and discreetly snap shots from where I sat. I did my best in a moving vehicle, through tinted windows, no tripod, fully manual.

I found fascinating the way the cirrus clouds marbled over the mountains.

We also stopped by the world's tallest thermometer at Baker.

I kept taking pictures until it was too dark to shoot with high shutter speeds. Which was fine by me, since we were almost at out destination by then anyway.