Thursday, November 17, 2011

girls talk: style icons

I was a bit excited about this week's Girls Talk topic because I think it's cute and easy enough to answer, but then I found myself stymied -- I don't really have a style icon pala, haha.   '.'   I can appreciate other ladies' fashion sense, but I don't really have someone that I look up to or emulate in terms of style.

I'm not much of a fan of sleek-and-streamlined garb that makes people appear like they're trying too hard to be celebrity-like.  I like how these gals dress (sometimes): 

Rachel Bilson often gets it right. Even when she's not dressed up for a shoot, she looks so effortlessly well-composed. She manages to look laid-back but still feminine and pretty.  The way she layers her clothes makes me wish it wasn't so hot here in the Philippines. 

Unlike Rachel, Victoria Beckham is more on the edgy side, but I like that too.  I love most of her hairstyles.  She often wears stuff that would only look good on her though.

And that's my contribution for this week's GT. :)