Monday, May 14, 2012

cheerer-upper: new used books

I love good books.  I could be quite a glutton when it comes to reading, but I haven't been able to buy any new books in a while because of budget constraints.  Just some time ago I was ranting to a friend how trips to a bookstore could be quite frustrating since there are a lot of titles I want to buy but don't because great books aren't exactly cheap these days.

So I had a really lovely day when I came across this gem of a used books store.  I found it as I was passing time in the mall while waiting for a movie.  I don't mind buying second-hand books as long as they're in good (or at least, acceptable) condition; it's just that most used books stores I've been to mostly sell crap romance novels and obscure titles by never-heard authors.  But this one had several titles I've been looking for for some time now - and not in cheap pocket-sized versions with tiny print, mind you.  And they cost between P99 and P145, depending on how dog-eared they are.  But really, most of them are in good shape - besides, I don't mind slightly crinkled covers. 

I was so delighted, ended up getting six titles:

There were a couple of others I wanted to buy, but decided not to be too greedy.  Not yet, anyway.  After I've read at least three from this batch, I'd like to go back for a second helping.  Maybe some hardbound titles next time.