Thursday, July 5, 2012

who slew the minotaur?

Phillip (not his real name) is a charming nine-year old, the nephew of some friends of ours.  The Hubby and I met him at a wake and he kept us entertained for a good number of minutes.  What was so interesting is that he wasn't interested in the usual kiddie chit-chat about favorite colors or best friends or what teacher said at school.  He quizzed us with several questions on ancient civilizations, the answers to all of which he was impressively able to provide when we said we couldn't.  Questions like:

Which two Roman emperors built the Colosseum?
Which emperor burned down Rome?
Who slew the Minotaur?
Who is the Egyptian god of the moon?

If you think about it, trivia like that are easily absorbed by a nine-year old, but he had a British accent that made him sound so erudite, and you can't not fall in love with a kid like that.  =D

For a brief moment I thought about being a jerk and quizzing him about the Second World War and Chemistry, and whatever else I thought he wouldn't be able to answer - but why be so pedantic, right?  Instead I gave him a small bit of trivia to take home:  I taught him the French pronunciation of Tintin (as in, The Adventures of Tintin) and the fact that the movie was based on comics that were originally in French (Les Aventures de Tintin).

I drifted off after The Hubby began asking him about Cricket (the game), and the boy gave detailed answers to every question, which would certainly help The Hubby appreciate the game more when he watches it on Cable.  

As for my take-home from Phillip (not his real name), I have a desire to review old school notes and refresh my wealth of useless trivia.