Thursday, August 30, 2012

focusing on the good news about the country

One of today's trending topics on Twitter and FB relates to the recent blunder committed by a local Senator whose name I need not mention, concerning his stand against the Reproductive Health bill.  I admit that I myself have contributed vitriol over this embarrassing [EXPLETIVE DELETED], but I'm not going to talk about that here.  On this blog dedicated to positivity, I'd like to forget about that whole fiasco for a moment and focus a bit on current good news about our country.

Before I proceed, lemme just make it clear that I've never been a unicorns-and-rainbows type of person who instinctively looks at the bright side.  I just think that it's better to celebrate the good things (no matter how insignificant) than fixate on the bad.

So anyway.  Here's the latest good news about the Philippines:  The economy is apparently improving, the peso is growing, and we are currently experiencing a period of prosperity.  We've gone from "the sick man of Asia" to "Asias's Bright Spot".   See these articles for the details:

Philippine Economy Grows 5.9% in Q2
Philippine Economy Grows Faster Than Estimated
Why the Philippines is Asia's Bright Spot
Philippine Economy Set To Become Asia's Newest Bright Spot

I'm not about to say "it's all good", but there's something definitely good going on, and we ought to give it more attention.