Friday, May 17, 2013

no-cook fruity oatmeal

Here's a clever way to enjoy oatmeal - without any cooking required.  This really works for me, since there are so many things to do at the start of the day, and I really appreciate a nutritious breakfast that spares me the unnecessary hassle. All I have to do is prepare it the night before and refrigerate it so I can eat it in the morning.

"Why opt for this when there are instant flavored oatmeal packets available from the supermarket?,"  you might ask.  Good question.  My answer is that those instant thingies are often loaded with sugar and preservatives, and they have much less nutrition than good old classic oats.  Furthermore, their oat bits are near-pulverized, so they don't provide the same satisfying texture.  More importantly, no brand carries the delicious flavor of fresh, succulent, Philippine mango - which is waaaay different from what imported products try to pass as "mango".

  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup fruit juice or milk
  • slices of fresh or dried fruit  of your choice

  • a little bit of cinnamon, honey or brown sugar, or whichever sweetener you prefer
  • whichever nuts or seeds you like
  • 6 tbsps plain yogurt.

  1. Combine all ingredients and mix together.
  2. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

That's it! No cooking required - soaking the oatmeal in milk or juice will make it nice and soft by breakfast time.  In the morning, you could stick it in the microwave for a minute or two if you want it hot; but it's nice as a cold treat too, especially on scalding summer days.


  • Apple-cinnamon oatmeal:  apple juice + bits of apple + a pinch of cinnamon + a pinch of brown sugar
  • Mangoes and cream:  milk + mango slices.
  • Banana-walnut:  slices of banana + milk + honey or brown sugar + crushed walnuts
  • Honey-almond:  almond milk + honey + slices of almond
  • If you're watching your weight, pass on the sugar and dried fruits (which often have a lot of sugar).  You could ditch dairy milk for almond milk (or your preferred substitute), or choose all-natural fruit juice with no added sugar.