Friday, March 6, 2009

until then

A friend went to Heaven this week.

We all knew that his time was coming, but a loss is still a loss. We'll be missing him greatly, but we won't ever forget the things that he imparted onto out lives.

Saddened as I am by his passing, I have a reason to smile as I think that he's in a better place now. Streets of gold and pearl gates; no sickness, no curse of sin. He will never have to hurt anymore. He's probably young again, and strong again, feeling the joy and health and wholeness in his bones that he's been longing for all these years. Dancing again - maybe even dancing like he's never done before. Sitting at the feet of his Creator as a form of worship, and hearing the answers to those baffling questions he's always pondered on with Him. Witnessing first-hand, with each and every one of his senses, how his earth-wise theology pales in the light of the actual Reality. He's finally there, at that perfection that he's been preparing almost all his mortal life for.

(Now, I'm jealous)

We who know him will be in a period of mourning for a while, but we'll be remembering forever.

Goodbye, Dr. T.

At least, until then.