Wednesday, March 11, 2009

winding down early

I was fortunate to be able to wind down earlier than usual last night, and thus go to bed relatively earlier. And (though I was obsessing a bit over the things that I could have been doing instead of taking a break), I was glad that by 8pm, I wasn't at the computer as I usually would be.

It was a happy little accident actually. I was set to attend a 7pm meeting so I put my notes and work-stuff aside and turned the laptop off. I later learned that the meeting was canceled. I thought of going back to the laptop to get some work done before going to bed. But since this old machine i work on takes around thirty minutes to switch on, boot and warm up, I decided to just let it rest. I reckoned could use some rest myself. In wanting to avoid the unnecessary techno-stress, I thought of just winding down with the Hubby in front of the telly instead. I haven't been able to do that in a while, and it felt nice to.

To keep my mind from obsessing over the next day's work, I took a pad of paper and a pencil and did some drawing. I came up with something rather cute. That's something else I miss doing - drawing, I mean - and was really glad to have had time for it last night.

I love the computer and I love the internet - in fact I realize I've gotten quite dependent and spend too much time on it - but I really appreciate staying away from the computer sometimes. Because I get to be in touch with the other things that I love.

I'm considering the discipline of logging off by 8 or 9pm, whether or not work is done. I think that's a good idea. Pack up early, dim the lights and wind down with a cold glass of chocolate milk. Why not? Maybe a good book and a soft pillow next time instead of TV and pencil-and-paper.