Wednesday, May 27, 2009

cooking for fun

I just cooked some Honey Mango Chicken for the Hubby and me for dinner tonight. It was so easy to make, and really yummy. I experimented some and it turned out quite successful. I'm so proud of me, whee!

Cooking can be so fun. Sometimes, I mean. I can't say I love cooking, can't even say I'm good at it, I don't even cook that often, but I take pride in whatever yummy stuff I manage to make.

Things I Love About Cooking
[I mean, at those rare times that I like to spend time in the kitchen]
  • There's a bit of excitement because I anticipate enjoying the eating. It makes the boring chore of slicing and dicing and peeling and boiling a lot more worthwhile.

  • When other people appreciate my cooking, it's really flattering. I'd feel like a real pro. I'd forget that I was a kid who managed to turn meat loaf into corned beef from the can to the pan.

  • I find that cooking is another channel for creativity. It's not like creating a poem or a painting, but it stimulates my right brain, particularly when I substitute and improvise.

  • I enjoy experimenting with flavors and colors. So far, I've been lucky not to have had any major disasters.

  • I've found that preparing food with another person is a great bonding activity. In fact, when I hold a sleepover for my young disciples, I make sure we include cooking a dish or baking in the list of activities. We've made some pretty good paella and chocolate chip cookies in the past.

  • Cooking's a way of loving. Whether it's as easy as butterscotch syrup or as challenging as risotto, I get to put my heart into what I serve to the people I love.