Monday, July 20, 2009


My Dad asked me for a hug tonight. As in a real one, not a token one. That's a blog-worthy event, because i think the last time he got all sweetie with me like that, I was still in elementary school. For that matter, I don't remember the last time my father hugged me.

Well I guess I now know that it was tonight.

It was my turn to watch him (he's recovering from a brain surgery and needs 24/7 supervision). As I came into his room and got ready to occupy the cot beside his bed, he said something to me. I couldn't quite understand, so i had to ask him to repeat. In reply, he simply stretched his arms out and said, "hug".

That was a surprise. But a pleasant one. I felt like I was five years old again, Daddy's little brat.

I inched toward his side and gave him the hug he asked for. I made no reservations. With our arms around each other, he said to me, "For a whole, whoooole time" (Note: he's aphasic right now, so his verbal skills are kinda wonky).

It felt awkward. As in really, really awkward. But it was nice. Very nice. A warm-fuzzy feeling before bedtime.