Monday, September 7, 2009

cupcakes = love

Diet is "die" with a "t".
It seems like I'm on a cupcake craving phase again. Lucky for me that a few cupcake places are just a short drive away.

I just lo000ve Cupcakes by Sonja. It easily trumps most of the other cupcakes I've tried (so far). It's a really cute shop that sells these precious cakes. My favorite items on the menu are Red Velvet Vixen and Berries N' Cream.

Who cares about the two kilos I already gained?
I thought about dropping by again this coming week. Maybe every other day if not every day. I'll try each kind. I'll be a pig. Fat and happy, that's my philosophy.

In the photos above: Peppermint Patty, Cookee Monster and uh, this mint and chocolate thing. Also lovely.
Below: Vanilla Sunshine, Berries and Cream and a chocolate something

Near Sonja's is Martha's. I've yet to try the cupcakes there; I've been told they're delightful. Still all this time I can't shake my loyalty to Sonja.