Friday, September 18, 2009

i love books

I love books.

Not reading, mind you, just books. But since there isn't any other way to enjoy the contents of a book but to actually read it, I've gotten into the habit of reading as well. I am an occasionally voracious reader.

Yesterday, the Hubby and I drove over to the SMX where there was a great big Book Fair. There were mostly trade books, textbooks and self-help lit, but one would find some fiction and classics in there as well if one knew where to look. Maaaan, it was a candy shop.

It's often frustrating for me to browse through a good bookstore, and even more so at a Book Fair where hardbounds can go for 20% off. I went home wishing I brought more money, despite the fact that we went way over budget.

The Hubby and I collectively bought 9 new books (naturally, I was the bigger spender), including some Christian self-helps, a gigantic hardbound volume of Shakespeare's complete works (for which I sacrificed a hardbound, complete, illustrated Poe, because we didn't have enough cash) and a lovely, user-friendly pocket Maccchiavelli (heart heart heart).

I'm really glad about the new purchases. And excited to devour them all. Yum yum.