Monday, August 23, 2010

i won a bunny photo contest :)

Been busy for some time so I wasn't able to do much updating. But I make my comeback to the blogospere with today's cute, happy thawt.

A few weeks ago, I entered my favorite picture of my rabbit, Pepper in this photo contest in BunSpace is a site for bunny parents / bunny owners; I've been subscribing to it since Pepper and Davey were a few months old and I've picked up a lot of useful rabbit-care info from it as well as interacted with other bunny-parents. Anyway, there are around two themed photo contests each month. There isn't any cash prize or anything like that, but they give away cool, bunny-related stuff that aren't available locally, like chew toys (for rabbits - to prevent them from destorying my house) or collectibles (for humans) . Since I lose nothing and gain the possibility of winning something nice, I enter photos every now and then.

This particular contest had the theme of Close Up. I happen to have a really stunning photo of Pepper taken some time ago:

I submitted it and let the site-members' votes decide, and tah-daaaah! Pepper won Second Place!

The prize isn't any nifty bunny-stuff though. But I get three months of free upgraded membership at BunSpace - which is pretty cool too! That upgrade will allow me access to special features and more interaction.

I think I'd like to take more cute photos of Davey and Pepper in the hopes of winning again. And maybe next time I could get to take home some stuff.