Tuesday, August 24, 2010

fourth runner-up ain't so bad, miss venus :)

Photo from here.

Venus Raj at the Miss Universe Pageant is a big breath of fresh air after yesterday's messy hostage drama. Of course we kababayans of hers wish she won, but fourth runner up is already huge accomplishment. She might have botched the Q&A but she did pretty well in everything else - so I still applaud her and everyone else on Team Venus.

(Given, she later admitted she was nervous. But in my opinion, it's not that she gave a poor answer. I think she got a bad question. The other ladies' questions had socio-political dimensions to it, so it was easy for them to appear smart simply by giving their thoughts. )

Besides, Miss Mexico was a tough one to beat - I think she really deserves the crown. First Runner-upMiss Jamaica was gorgeous too (I wasn't a fan of her gown though :p ), so I don't mind if our Miss Philippines lost to them.

Congratulations, Philippines!