Friday, December 3, 2010

cheers to me!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.

So today I turned a year older, had a date with the hubby and stuffed myself with Mediterranean food and a lovely, lovely dessert. As I looked back on my lovely day I thought maybe I should've toted my lovely new camera and taken lovely visual mementos of the day.

It's my day. My day. I slept in and stayed in bed until noon, letting the greetings roll in on my Facebook wall.

I decided I was going to look nice. Nice by my standards anyway. I wore my favorite white skirt and threw on the tumbled-gemstone necklace I made.

I got some new stuff. I didn't buy any new clothes or shoes (yet) but I might before Christmas.

I got me a new look earlier. I had my hair treated. When I had longer hair I'd invest in rebonding, but these days that my hair's short I decided it's not worth blowing more than a thousand bucks just to make my hair behave. I thought of saving money by having a straightening instead. It doesn't quite produce the same effect, but at least it makes my haircut appear a lot neater and sharper than it would with my usual frizzy wave. I love it. My left ear looks cooked though (Because my hair was too short, some of the chemical flowed to my ear while rinsing and the hairdresser lady didn't spritz it quickly enough). Oh well. At least I look good and I learned a lesson.

My new favorite dessert is baklava a la mode with orange sauce, by the way.

I wind down tonight with a smile on my face, anticipating what looks like a good December.