Thursday, December 9, 2010

things are looking good

I had a difficult time falling asleep again last night so I gave in to an inspiration: I reviewed my 2008-2009 journal.

It always amuses me when I read stuff I've written in the past, even in the not-so-distant past (Too bad I threw away my journals from my teen years [they took up so much space]; those would have been fun to revisit). I was hoping that this particular journal could help me see how much ground I've covered in the past two years.

My logs began sometime in the last quarter of '08, and the last entry one was dated mid-'09, (around the time before my dad had his stroke; after that episode I recall I resorted to logging my thoughts online because I found it more convenient). There wasn't much in that journal, but the contents were enough for some perspective.

Reading what I had written, it was easy for me to see that life is much better now than it was two years ago, in most if not all aspects. The Hubby and I are in a better place in our lives; there is visibly more peace and joy and love. This is undeniably good. Even better than good.

The wisest decision the Hubby and I made was getting out of a toxic environment full of non-supportive people. It allowed a whole lot of room for more good things in our lives.

In that journal I also found our '08 wishlist. Though we still don't have the top item (which was / still is, our own home), I realize that we've already acquired most of the other things, such as a laptop, a DSLR and some other stuff we wanted. Cheers to us!

I also reviewed some of the prayers and prophecies concerning myself which I jotted down during that time-period. I think they are now in fulfillment - well, not every prayer / prophecy is happening right this moment, but I see some significant items coming to pass in the present. There are still a few that have yet to happen, and I am quite excited about them.

One very encouraging word I received was that I will make choices that will seem wrong to others, but I will be exactly where God wants me. Right now - despite the probability that there are others frowning upon us - I am convinced that the Hubby and I are where God wants us, and I am blessed and thankful.

In the following nights, I suppose I should visit my journals from as far back as 2000. I'm, sure I will be encouraged by the progress I've made.