Friday, March 18, 2011

a chance encounter? perhaps not

The other night I had this intense craving for Mexicali food. There was food at home but I didn't want any of it; I hungered for something specific. The Hubby hinted on taking me out for dinner, but I felt too tired to go anywhere so we called delivery.

We were informed it would take an hour and a half before we would get our food. It was already past 8pm so that meant the meal would arrive at almost 10. I nearly changed my mind and thought about boiling an egg for dinner, but I decided to wait it out.

Hungry, tired and near-sleepy a few minutes to 10pm, the delivery guy finally rang our doorbell. My mouth began to water at the thought of sopa de lima, ortilla chips, burito, quesadilla. The Hubby went to fetch the food and came back with our order, with a free pleasant surprise.

It just so happened that the delivery boy was someone we knew - he was a kid in the youth group the Hubby and I used to handle some time ago - he isn't a kid anymore of course. I was just recently thinking about him and wondering where he was now, and voila, he shows up at our doorstep, literally. He and the Hubby had a short chat, he said he and his grandma are doing okay; he hasn't been to church in a while but he'll drop by soon. I would've asked him to come in and hang out, but I'm pretty sure that's against company policy.

Of all the odd situations, right?

Of all the possible delivery boys of all the possible restos.

We wouldn't have had the encounter if I didn't have that strong hankering for a specific kind of food at that specific time, and if I agreed to eat out instead, or if I had been too impatient and had just settled for eating a boiled egg. It's easy to believe God orchestrated this somehow - especially now that the Hubby and I have been picking up a few "stray sheep"; the guy might possibly need a flock of sorts right now.

I was thinking maybe we should order from Mexicali again tonight. Maybe I can search for him on Facebook, ask about his shift and request him to deliver our food again? Or maybe we could just cut all the side-routes and go straight to scheduling another "encounter" during his free time? The sure part is that he's back in our lives somehow.