Tuesday, March 1, 2011

getting ready for summer

It's the first of March and it's warmer already; my mind is beginning to stock daydreams of walking barefoot where the sea licks the sand. I've located my sunblock, my handy-dandy hat and my pastel-colored chokers. This is going to be a good summer because I choose it to be.

The Hubby and I have thought about going to this beach or that beach - no solid plans yet, but we're going to make it happen before the rainy season rolls in. Maybe Bora, maybe Batangas, maybe also this place with a sort of sentimental value down in Quezon province.

Which reminds me. I might need to get new swimwear.

I've folded away my sweaters and jackets, shoved the long-sleeved shirts to one side of my wardrobe. I dug around for thin blouses and tees and stuff that'd be more comfy to wear in the heat.

Summer is a bummer for wearing a lot of makeup, so I'm putting away the liquid foundation. I've packed away the blush and made room for a bronzer; exchanged the dark eye shadows for shimmery nude-ish eyecolors.

And ah, yes. I've got my camera ready.