Saturday, January 14, 2012

this week's new like: prosciutto e melone

My godfather gifted us with a huge slab of prosciutto (Italian ham), and I've been loving it this week.  Coincidentally, the night before I encountered that pretty parcel of pork, I found an article on CNNGo that lists it as one of the World's 50 Most Delicious Foods

I Googled for recipes, and I learned that one of the best ways to enjoy it is sliced paper-thin and wrapped around wedges of melon.

Images not mine.  Taken from the web.

Or any shape of melon, I guess. But it seems laying them side-by-side on a plate is acceptable too:

Photo not mine.

I had to shoo away my ham-related fears (such as the possibility of salmonella, and the scare of fat settling in my hips forever).  This prosciutto e melone looks so intiguing, it's something I just have  to try. Luckily there was a whole honeydew in our fruit basket.

I have neither the tools nor the skill to cut ham neatly, so I just sliced it as thin as I could with the best knife I found in the kitchen (MENTAL NOTE: Buy fillet knife or other appropriate appliance).  The clumsy bits of ham I came up with weren't large enough for wrapping around, so I just opted for the "lay them side-by-side on a plate" method. 

You must forgive me for not taking any photos; I don't think I did a very presentable presentation - it was good for eating but not really for photoblogging.

Besides, I was too excited to eat everything, so I once again failed to take a decent photo before gobbling it all up.  (Burp)   I must say it was heavenly - the subtle saltiness of the ham and the sweetness of the melon compliment each other.  It makes an excellent light dinner. 

But the ham alone is delish - it's silky and moist, it kinda reminds me of sushi.  It's totally deserving of that slot in the 50 World's Best list.