Monday, January 16, 2012

how i plan to have a fruitful week every week

In line with starting a new year, I thought of an easy way to remember my weekly To-Do list. I'm not a "resolution" kind of person, but I don't mind writing out goals and tasks that would place my life in a good direction. 

I've assigned my chores and tasks into days of the week, and I've given each day a nickname for easy recall.

Every Monday is Bun-day
... Or bunny-day, in which I make sure to spend time with my rabbit and see to it that his home is clean and his supplies are well-stocked.
The personal / health-related dimension of Bun-day: This will be the time I eat only fruits and vegetables, a sort of weekly detox.  I'll be eating just like a rabbit naturally would - no carbs, no junk, no processed stuff, no added salt or sugar. 
I think I will also pick this day to wear no make-up or any hair product.

Tuesday is Shoes-day
... In which I dust my shoes and bags and place them back in their proper boxes and shelves.
The health-related part:  This will be when I pamper my feet and nails.

Wednesday is Cleanse-day
... In which I ensure the bedroom is clean and suitable for a good night's sleep, and that the living room is presentable enough to receive guests.
The personal cleansing:  This is when I take longer baths and exfoliate my skin.  I can do this more than once a week if needed of course, but Wednesday will be my fixed, no-rush day. 

Thursday is Thirst-day
... In which I drink lots of water.  I know that eight glasses of water are part of a good daily diet, but I forget to drink that much sometimes, particularly when I'm busy.  I'm slating Thursday to be the day I have to do it. It will also be my "drink water only day" - no juice, tea, and especially no soda.

Friday is Pray-day
... In which I spend a longer time in prayer, and make sure to pray for others.  Of course prayer should be done everyday, but Fridays will be for prayer requests that I might have forgotten about during the week. Sometimes people ask for prayer, right? ("Please pray for me / for my father who is sick / for my daughter who is taking an exam / etc.")  To be honest, I don't always remember everything people tell me, so I'm setting Fridays aside to recall all those.  This will also by the time I will pray for what goes on in the country, or something disturbing i saw in the news, so that I won't have to spend every day worrying about it.

Anything goes on Weekends... and I will see to it I lay back and have fun on Saturdays and Sundays.