Thursday, April 23, 2009

cellphone detox

It's been almost four months since my cellphone conked out. That SE w880 that I loved so much. I brought it to a Sony-Ericsson center to have it repaired, but they said they had to look further into its "possible hardware problem" (that's service jargon for "We don't know what's wrong with it") and it may take a while. Well, it took a while. It's still taking.

The first couple of weeks without it were the toughest - I felt disabled without my pet phone and kept wishing for it's quick recovery. Eventually I grew used to the situation and stopped hoping. I realized that I could manage to live without a cellphone - in fact, I didn't really need one - and decided not to redeem my SE w880.

When people ask me about when I intend to buy a new phone, I tell them that I really don't - at least not right now. I'm actually enjoying not having a phone. Not having to answer calls at awkward times, not even having a choice to make an "urgent" phone call (Thot: Since technological advancements have made things faster and easier for us, everything seems to be urgent these days, but not necessarily important). I think of it as an unplanned detox from all the techno-stress.