Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cream cheese samwich with a twist

Yesterday i fell in love with a new snack.

Tomato and basil sandwich with cream cheese

I was supposed to make myself a ham-lettuce-tomato-and-cheese with mayo on wheat bread, but I had an inspiration. I decided to grab the tub of cream cheese, pick some fresh basil leaves from the garden and make something else instead.

All the ingredients are favorite food items of mine. Pure b l i s s .


2 slices of wheat bread
Cream cheese
2 slices of tomato (preferably the plum kind, or the salad variety)
Fresh basil leaves
Optional: A sprinkling of rolled oats

and then:

Spread the lovely white cream cheese on the bread REAL thick.
Place (thin) tomato slices onto the stuff.
Lay a layer of fresh basil leaves.
Sprinkle the oatmeal.
Wolf down.