Thursday, August 20, 2009

get those canvas bags ready!

I heard on the news yesterday that a bill was recently filed in congress regarding a tax on plastic bags.

House Bill 4134 pushes for the imposition of a P2.50 excise tax on every plastic bag. According to Rep. Al Bichara, the bill’s author, this will prompt shoppers to opt for environment-friendly alternatives.

Petrochemicals and nonbiodegradables, BOO!

Great idea. I really hope it sees the light. I wonder why this wasn't pushed locally earlier. ;)

I personally wouldn't mind toting around my own paper or canvas bag to go green (for that matter, I've already had some large-ish cloth bags for that purpose). I don't appreciate plastic bags anyway. They are quick to accumulate into an eyesore monster around the house.

But on a more non-personal level, this will hopefully minimize our country's own eyesores.

I personally don't believe Global Warming could be stopped - it is an inevitable event that the planet has been cycling into and out of for centuries, if you have been paying attention to Earth history, environmentalist ladies and gentlemen - it can only be delayed. But I'm all for prolonging the pleasantness of life on earth, ayt? I am well aware that my little plastic bag fast isn't really a large-scale solution, but at least I stop being a part of the small-scale problem.