Wednesday, November 18, 2009

beach wedding weekend

This past weekend was a sweet one.

First of all, I attended a wedding.

I generally like weddings because they give me a reason to girl up more excessively than usual, and I get my paws on some free yummy food. This particular wedding was of the Hubby's second younger sister to her significant-other-for-three-years.

Secondly, the Hubby's brother flew in from Singapore, and sister #1 and her hubby flew in from the U.S. just to be at this wedding. I thought that was an extremely sweet and special surprise for the bride and groom. Besides that, it was quite refreshing to see them again.

Of course I also appreciate the pasalubongs I got from the balikbayans. :)

Thirdly, this wedding was held at the beach.

I loooove the beach. And this beach we were at was a clean, pretty one that i happen to like - the light-sand Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. We stayed in one of the nicest resorts.

Just a few months ago when the Hubby and I spent a few days at another establishment in the same stretch of beach. I would walk along the sand and look at the other resorts. I stopped by this particular one and mused about staying in it next time. Well, I got my wish.

Fourthly, this wedding was one of the nicest ones I've ever been to. The bride and the groom obviously spent a lot for this, but it was well worth the cheer and the memories. The ceremony was held right there on the sand, facing the stretch of sea.

The reception followed right there beside the makeshift outdoor chapel. There were these creative flower arrangements garnished with vegetables.

The guests took part in launching these fire-lanterns that shone as beautiful orange orbs in the sky.

The buffet was wonderful, the food voluminous. There was a non-cheesy video presentation. Then they had a live band to come in and entertain the guests.

And of course, the cake - the cake was in the form of a sandcastle, with little sand-bucket cakes for giveaways.

Fifthly, i had a rad time snapping photos with the cam. I took over 200 raw ones. It's not that often that i get to go out of town, and i really love having the opportunity to take shots of things other than the same old same old city things.

Lastly, it was the first time in years that the Hubby and I got to do something different while somewhere different on a Sunday. It was quite a treat, quite a treat.