Monday, January 11, 2010

cute blog: fifi lapin

I've been following Fifi Lapin's blog for some time. Her ultra-cute site combines some of my likes: art, fashion and bunnies.

Image property of Fifi Lapin.

Fifi is an heiress with long, silky ears and a fashion icon. According to Elle Magazine, she is "the world's most stylish bunny". She posts charming fashion reviews and runway photos, but the most attractive part of her site (in my opinion) are those sketches of herself wearing designer clothing - with posh accessories to match!

Image property of Fifi Lapin.

Her flair for fashion has made her so famous, that lately there have been Fifi Lapin lines of postcards, T-Shirts, greeting cards and LeSportSac bags (I received a Fifi Lapin print purse or case of sorts for Christmas from my friend L. I was so thrilled!)

Fifi has a shop where you can purchase her prints. She also hosts contests every once in a while with cute Fifi stuff up for grabs.