Friday, January 22, 2010

dinner and a power duo

Had dinner with the Hubby's parents, sibs and cousins at a fancy noodle place. Too bad all I could eat was chicken congee, because I'm still swollen from my wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Dinners with the in-laws are kind of a common occurrence, but what was special about this evening was that we ate at one of the restos surrounding the casino at Resorts World in Paranaque, near NAIA terminal 3.

I've never been to a casino - so this being my first time is significant. But anyway, the casino isn't even the interesting part; we aren't casino people, so no one played or anything. We mostly just sat around and watched the performance - let me get to that in a while.

There was a 360-degree bar at the center of the large, open hall, right smack in the middle of the field of card tables and slot machines. Bar 360, it was called; pretty unique. On top of it was a stage where performances were held. Dad seemed to have been anticipating those production numbers, and i think we went there specifically to watch the entertainment.

The waitresses there were so cute. They were entirely in black.
Cameras were not allowed inside. Sketch by me.

There was a band that played '80s tunes, and I enjoyed that. I love '80s music. I could sing to everything they played last night.

The band moved out around 9pm and gave way to some Russian performers - the highlight of Daddy's night. They were a troop of dancers, including an exotic pair and a pole dancer (not the stripper kind, okay).

But the most impressive performance of the night was what was called the Power Duo - these two Russian guys with unbelievable muscle strength. You have to watch it to appreciate it. Cameras were not allowed in the place, so I had to nick this video from you tube.

(The lady in there is the pole dancer - she was pretty amazing too)

One of the other ideas I appreciated last night was how the human body can do amazing, beautiful things - a mark of the genius of Creation. Even as the hubby and I drove home, i couldn't stop raving about how awesome the body is.

Another happy thawt. I sat with Kuya R, the Hubby's cousin who came over from the U.S., and we talked about how nice it was to just have time for laying back with family once in a while, doing nothing but sit around and sip drinks while watching some decent entertainment (Not necessarily glitter-and-neon production numbers though). It's totally right.