Saturday, March 20, 2010

"blog accessories"

I finally made some buttons (or badges) for this blog. I recently had a burst of creativity that had to go somewhere, so I made three - a good round number - and placed them here.

Design for one of three buttons.

I never thought of them useful before, but now that I've made blogging as my official pasttime, I might as well make myself a few, hopefully to get some traffic.

I was partially inspired to make my own graphics when I saw these sites. As I looked at the buttons and backgrounds and stuff, I thought to myself, I can totally do this myself - why haven't I thought of this before? I mean, make "blog accessories". It's not often that I find a design I like in the colors I prefer, so why not custom-make everything? This morning, for example, I was looking for a twitter button, but couldn't find one that matched the color scheme of my blog, so I decided to make my own:
I mean I'm pretty artistic myself, and I've taken a lot of photos that I could use as stock images, so I can totally make my own graphics.

And then I thought it would be cute if I could share some of the backgrounds and headers I made before and no longer use -- So here goes.

Those designs aren't my most favorite ones of course, those are just the ones "for sharing". I didn't include the too-personalized stuff either, because I was thinking in generic terms of what other people would like. I didn't include the grungy ones either.

Eventually I want to make some grabbable generic buttons too. I'm thinking of setting up an entirely separate site for all these.

I was thinking maybe I could "sell" my designs online, but thought what for? I mean, nobody would download my stuff if they can easily get better designs elsewhere for free, right? (And even if I put watermarks, professional "grabbers" can easily Photoshop them out) As of now I'm content with just sharing the love.

I seemed like a true starving artist just there, hahaha. =D

Maybe someday when I get arrogant a bit more confident, I could set up a site of sorts where I can sell "blog makeover packages" or something. I could team up with a tech-savvy friend or two who can do the codes and stuff really well, while I take care of the design end. Hmmm.. that seems workable. Just a thought. That excites me. Maybe someday.