Tuesday, March 9, 2010

delightfully lovely blog things at shabby blogs

I went on a random blog-hop yesterday while waiting for the Hubby to get ready, and in one crafter-lady's site I chanced upon a badge to shabbyblogs.com

Shabby Blogs has a lot of charming stuff for bloggers - backgrounds, headers, dividers, badges. I was so amused by the cuteness that I just had to give the designs a try that night (You could ask the Hubby - I was gushing in excitement). I ended up refurnishing my happy thawts blog entirely(the previous template was kinda wonky anyway).

The designs are delightfully shabby-chic, perfect for my happy thawts. Now that I found that treasury, I won't have to go through the (often disappointing) task of hunting for the perfect Blogger template. Elements can even be mixed and matched to customize - and installing is simple, I wouldn't have to do a massive HTML overhaul the next time I want a costume change for my site.

I especially love the buttons and blinkies portion - they're not only sweet, they're witty too. As I was viewing the page, I kept going, "I'll take this ... and this ... and this ... and ..." I'd use them all if it wouldn't clutter my layout so much! I'm thinking maybe I should change buttons every month. Or week.

And a bonus: At the bottom of the home page is a link to the blog, where the blogger, Megan, presents some simple, not-necessarily-blog-related creative ideas.

It was such a happy find, I'd love to share Shabby Blogs with my girl-friends. ^_^

EDIT: March 15

After chancing upon Shabby Blogs, i seem to have bumped into a series of sites of cute blog things one after the other:

The Cutest Blog on the Block has a gallery of cutiful backgrounds, banners, blinkees and extras.

The Background Fairy has a collection of free girly backgrounds.

She has another site where she shares images and crafting ideas:

The Graphics Fairy

And speaking of fairies, here's another one:

The Blog Fairy

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