Saturday, April 17, 2010

they're not just words on greeting cards

I realize I've broken one of my own rules and neglected this blog for a little over two weeks. I made it my personal mandate to think and write at least one happy thawt per week, but hah, what's a happy thawts blog worth if I can't even break my own rules for perfectly good reasons, right?

The lack of new posts isn't because of a scarcity of happy thawts. On the contrary, my life has been filled with back-to-back happy thoughts lately. I am in fact still in the middle of enjoying them all, and haven't gotten to the business of translating them into coherent paragraphs yet.

Let me describe all this by stating two rosy words that seems to be resonating in my heart right now:
p e a c e and j o y

image from here

I know that kinda reads like a Christmas card, but I really have no other way to describe it. It's just great.

A friend I haven't seen in a while texted me to ask me how I was; I answered that things were going great, even almost perfect. I wasn't so sure about the almost perfect part, so I asked the Hubby if he agreed. Well, he seemed to think so too. Though if anyone looked at our life from a logical standpoint, it's kinda far from perfect: We aren't living in our dream house - not even close; we aren't working our dream jobs or earning big bucks or anything like that, we don't even have enough cash to but everything we need for most days. But for some reason we both feel quite content. Peace and joy - there you go.

I don't know how to explain it, but it's not quite an emotional state. I don't feel hunky-dory every time (in fact I had some slight dysphoria and slight depression lately), but I am hunky-dory beyond the feelings.

There's this overwhelming-but-sweet sense that everything's going to be alright. And not even just alright, but astoundingly, exceedingly wonderful. It's not just optimism, but a solid assurance within me that things will get better from now on.

I somehow even feel as if something big and good is on its way to greet us, and that the Hubby and I will be part of something big and good.

And just can't stop thinking about it. :)