Thursday, November 11, 2010

girls talk: health and beauty section

This week on Girls Talk: What do you usually grab from the health and beauty section?

Ever since I was a kid, I've associated Nivea with good-quality skin-care.
I'm a sucker for Nivea. Whenever an advertisement comes out about a new product, I'd get instantly intrigued and make a mental note to check a sample the next time I stop at Watson's.

Nivea's line is complete - they've got facial wash, various lotions and creams, deodorants, shower gel and everything. My favorite thing though is the lip balm / gloss, a.k.a. caregloss. I loove it; I make sure to always carry one in my purse.

While I'm loyal to Nivea, I feel the need to switch brands every few months when my skin starts to get dull. My other brand of choice would be Pond's.

Pond's items are also effective, and very affordable. The brand's range of products are not as extensive as Nivea's, but they've got pretty good facial care stuff. I like how they come in small sizes that are easy to tote around.

So that's what's in my shopping basket. Shimmy over to Beauty Queen Gene to see what's in other girls' carts.