Monday, April 25, 2011

i walked the walkway

All photos mine.

This year's Holy Week, the Hubby and I spent whole chunks of time volunteering for Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross at Bonifacio High Street. It's an interactive installation exhibit with applications on the death and resurrection of Christ.

The past week was an exhausting one, but it was fun and enriching at several different levels.

We've visited it the past two years and we decided to help out this year. since we first stumbled upon it in 2009, I found it so brilliant - a refreshing, current and effective way of taking the message of Christ outside of the church and into the community. I've always loved the idea of it. This year I took this a privilege to step outside my own comfort zone, to be part of this large-ish event that forwards the Gospel.

I was often positioned at Station 14 (the last one), handing out communion elements to participants - if I wasn't there, I would've been at the merchandise table selling shirts and stuff - so got to interact with people after they've gone through the whole exhibit. I sometimes asked people how they found it, and it was very uplifting to hear their positive feedback on Walkway. I didn't hear a single negative one, not even a neutral one.

If you weren't able to check it out last week, you can go here to read the text for all 14 stations, and see some photos from the 2010 display.