Tuesday, April 19, 2011

this summer's first beach trip

Summer just ain't complete without a trip to the beach. I spent yesterday with the Hubby and the in-laws at a lovely resort in Hamilo Coast, Batangas.

All photos mine.

The place had white sands, several swimming pools and amenities worthy of five stars. The resort isn't completely built yet, but there's a lot to enjoy in it nonetheless .

We had a great day of swimming (well, it was more like wading in water than actually swimming, haha), chatting and eating and snapping photos. I was a bit high on antihistamines because my allergies suddenly acted up, so I wasn't very active the whole day. I felt so congested and surly, but at least the feeling that my head was floating around gave me a sense of relaxation.

I made sure to get lightly toasted. I want tan lines to show so it would be obvious to everyone that I've been to the beach.

Next trip: Subic, first week of May. ^_^