Wednesday, August 10, 2011

today's current faves

Every now and then I post a random list of my current favorite things (I need to put the word "current" in there because my preferences change over time). I haven't done that in a while, so I suppose I could do it now.

1. Starbucks cake pops

They're portable, bite-sized cakes on a stick! Absolutely brilliant! I can have a quick cure for my sweet tooth without feeling like I overstuffed myself.

2. Coconut oil
I raved a bit about it here.

3. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

I stumbled onto this while passing time at a Pharmacy in Las Vegas, waiting while my Mama had a medical check-up. Am I glad I found it. ^_^

Its main ingredient is beeswax - natural, organic, and chemical-free, it has moisturizing and healing properties. I was told by avid users that even uncolored beeswax could give lips a healthy glow since it combats discoloration. As an added plus, this product is tinted in several different shades and is shimmery for a prettier pout.

4. Cover Girl Clean Liquid Make-Up

Another acquisition on the trip to the U.S. (I must note how happy it made me see how much cheaper branded American products are there compared to here ^_^). Cover Girl Clean is aptly named for the mess-free way you apply it onto your face. I love the superior coverage without the greasy feel or the cakey look. I kinda think it's good enough on its own for daytime wear, I mean even without blush or eye make-up.

5. Careline eyeshadow powder in a shimmery shade of off-white /cream

I forget what the specific shade is called because I have this habit of peeling labels off from stuff :p I'm not in the habit of sweeping a sparkly shadow over my entire eyelid, but I dab a bit of this to highlight (such as, at the center of the lid for more depth, or at the corners for a weird, artsy look). Since it's in powder form, a very light dusting is suitable for highlighting other parts of my face - like my cheekbones when I don't intend to put on too much blush.

I also found that it can be incorporated into a home-made lip balm mixture for added shimmer, as was used by this lady in her recipe.

6. Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are a fab cheat for casual wear. They not only create the illusion of added height, but also of less width (hee hee hee). Their moderate chunkiness makes me look a bit more proportioned by balancing out the extra ham that I carry around in my legs. Not too hefty though, so as not to look too Spice-Girlsy.

7. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion

I discovered this at my Ma's home in Vegas and found that it quickly and effectively treated dry, cracked skin. I'd used it for but a few days when I decided I ought to buy my own tube. It smells really nice too.

8. My new "business card" home page

I found a template that perfectly houses links to all my blogs and other sites in one compact layout, without the unnecessary items. With it, I don't need to put a huge number of links when I want to promote myself; I could just put the one. On top of a short profile, it contains buttons to: all four of my active blogs, my FB page, my Twitter account, my Tumblr log, my 360 Project, my Multiply shop and the site where I upload my art and photos. See what I mean here.

I grabbed this idea from one of those how-to blogs, and I think it's neat and nifty. I highly recommend it for people with several blogs, sites and/or web stores.

And that's it for now. ^_^