Friday, September 2, 2011

girls talk: black leather boots

For the first Thurdsay of September, we're Girls Talk-ing about something black.  Luckily I have a whole lot of black stuff (No, its not my favorite color, but I like buying things in black, white or cream so they'd be easy to mix and match).

I decided to show-and-tell about one of my current favorite items, a pair of black boots.  See poor-quality photo below:

I acquired them when I visited the U.S. a few months back; they're hand-me-downs from a family friend, but they're still good as new.  I hadn't dreamt of getting boots while I was there, but I seriously needed them because my feet were freezing from the cold.  Good thing these were just my size.  ^_^

I just love the way they look, they're perfect for covering up my unsightly feet.  It's a pity they stop being comfortable after about half an hour or so - they are strictly for porma purposes only, not for walking around.  :p

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