Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i got me a few new books! ^_^

As some of you may already know, there was a book fair at the SMX last week.  And I almost forgot about it! Good thing the Hubby and I were able to make time to go on Sunday, the last day.

The last day of course means a lot of people.

For non-literature lovers, it must be confounding as to why there was such a fuss about a books (a friend of ours for example, asked, What are you going to do at a book fair?).  This annual event gathers various publishers and distributors together all in one place, and books are sold at much lower prices than they go for at bookstores.  There's a good chance of finding titles that aren't usually sold at National or Fully Booked, even hardbound copies.

Well I love books.  I don't exactly enjoy the process of reading, but I enjoy taking in what a good book has to offer.  I have therefore made visiting the Book Fair a yearly tradition.

I was hoping to buy a biography of Sir Winston Churchill and of Teddy Roosevelt, but I didn't find any.  The bio sections were full of tomes of William and Catherine, and various volumes on Obama ( 9_9 tsssss) but I didn't care for any of those.

I proceeded to look around and found other titles I was interested in:

They were all titles I intended to buy years ago, but I thought the bookstore prices were too expensive.  Book Fair discounts are much more budget-friendly.  And oh, I got a free sampler from Penguin Books too - WHAT THE WORLD IS READING is a compilation of  the first chapters of hot new novels; if I like any of them I'll know what to look for in the future.

I prefer hardbound versions to paperbacks, especially for bestselling novels, but  I decided on saving a few pesos by settling for the paperbacks. They have the same contents anyway.  They don't look as lovely and they have smaller type, but it's a tiny inconvenience I'm willing to put myself through. Besides, most of the hardbound copies were already sold out by this time.

Hubby and I wanted to look around some more, but I - in a lack of foresight - was wearing four-inch wedges and I'd already twisted my ankle several times.  Plus the crowd was getting thicker and more impatient by the minute, we had to bail before things got too uncomfy.  Anyway we acquired five new titles, and we're really happy about that.  ^_^

I'm excited to start devouring our new books, but I still have an old one to finish...  Maybe I'll start on a new one anyway.  ^_^