Wednesday, September 7, 2011

tarragon tea

I noticed how the row of tarragon in my dad's garden has been looking lively lately, and I got tickled by the thought doing something with the fragrant herb.  I don't know much about tarragon and what sort of dishes call for it; I do remember sipping a cup of tarragon tea at Sonya's in Tagaytay some time ago.

Tarragon is slightly sweet, and I imagine it would go nicely with mangoes. My rabbits love eating it.
To my nostrils, a whole bunch of it smells slightly of Mighty Bond superglue, but not at all in an offensive way.

It is said to have relaxing and stress-relieving properties.  I decided to test that by making myself some tea before bedtime.

Image mine.

* Since tarragon is on the sweet side, there's no need for sugar. But if you need a bit more sweetening, I suggest you use honey - it goes nicely with the flavor.  Besides, it makes sense not to use sugar if your intent for drinking is relaxation.

I've always been the type to have trouble sleeping at night (sleeping in the daytime however, often proves to be much easier) and it looks like the tea is already working its power on me.  Either that or the Heroes marathon the Hubby and I did today lulled me to ennui.