Thursday, July 8, 2010

girls talk: i love me money-wise (i love the financial side of me)

This week on Girls Talk we're sharing about how we love the money side of or lives.

I never thought I'd ever say that I love the financial side of me. I'm not earning as much as want to, but I'm keeping things positive and finding the silver linings. ^_^

For one, at least the Hubby has a good job. We're not deep in debt, not starving, and we are still able to buy our needs and some wants. We can sometimes afford to share with others.

I've been working from home for some time now, but there's a bit of an ouch there because the online job ended just yesterday (It's a long story I'd rather not go into, because I'd rather keep this blog positive, hee hee).

Still, things are good because I have a little hobby-turned business of sorts. For those who haven't read yet, I make unique fashion accessories and sell them online. I right now have a "shop" on Multiply. I have another one on Artfire that I hope will attract buyers from other countries, but I still have to study shipping rates and stuff. I've also made an account on Etsy but I haven't posted anything yet.

So far so good. ^_^ I make the most sales are around Christmas and Mother's Day.

Recently I looked into earning through placing ads on my blogs. I've been checking out a couple of advertisers and taking my time to read the Terms and Conditions / Agreements, and I want to thoroughly think things over before clicking on "I Agree". I still haven't agreed to some because I want to make sure there isn't any catch. Still feeling things out. I have no problems so far, but I haven't made anything yet either, haha :p . I know there's supposed to be a strategy to that, but I haven't been doing it long enough to give it much thought, so I guess I'll learn as a go along.