Thursday, July 22, 2010

girls talk: i love the spiritual and mental side of me

I didn't have time to participate in Girls Talk last week, so I'll be inserting the I Love Me Mentally below too. I'll try to make this quick as I have to head out pretty soon

I Love The Spiritual Aspect of Me

I am a follower of Christ, and I'm proud of it. I am not the religious type - I'm a bit of an asker, a rebel of sorts, admittedly not a very nice person.

But I love God immensely - though imperfectly.
I love church - though I must confess I don't go every Sunday.
I love the Bible - but I admit I don't read it daily.

Following Christ is really not about tradition or "the things we've gotten used to". I personally prefer a more practical, relevant and honest faith. A meaningful religion is about knowing the Lord and growing in him. It's about loving God above all things and loving your neighbor as yourself. I'm not the poster girl for this (i.e., I've got a lot of flaws and stuff), but in some way God is still able to use me to bless others.

I love that I am imperfect, because it makes me see how much I need God. Don't get me wrong though - I don't settle in my weaknesses; if i had my way, I'd slake all my imperfections off. It's just that I celebrate God's grace daily, not having to pretend to be someone I am not.

There's more of my brand of spirituality in my other blog, the (ir)reverend.

I Love The Mental Aspect of Me

When it comes to the mental part, I am what I call an aberration - and I am proud of it. I happen to be bipolar: I was born with a chemical imbalance that causes cyclical shifts in emotion and energy levels. People think it's a psychological disorder, but it's actually a biological one - kind of like a disability that has no cure.

Wait- it's not as tragic as it sounds. :D I quite think it's a blessing. I look normal and act normal; bipolars aren't "crazy". In fact we tend to be very talented and brilliant. A lot of artists, musicians, poets, politicians, theorists and history-makers are bipolar. This will seem like bragging, but I'm just stating a fact: because of this condition, I happen to be very intense and genius-prone.

Most people either left-brain dominant (logical, analytical) or right-brain dominant (artistic, emotional). I happen to be both, being able to switch as needed. I also have this capacity for abstract thinking - something that is rare among women.

The downside is that all this giftedness comes with mood swings, nasty thought patterns and a general challenge in managing life. :p

I discuss more about being bipolar in my other blog, Soul Marmalade.

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