Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what i like about the rainy days

There are some things about summer that I miss - like summer fruits, clear night skies and beach-trips - but still I'm glad for the change in season. I'm so happy the heat wave is over; I don't really mind the rain right now. And for everything I dislike about the cold, wet, rainy months, there are a lot about it that I love:

1. The sound of rain on the roof.
- Particularly the rhythmic pattering of a light shower. The thunderous drumming during a storm could be scary at times, but there's also something soothing about the drone.

2. The cooler weather.

Of course. ^_^

3. Layered clothes.
It pretty much comes with the cool weather. One of the things I dread about the summer is that it' always too hot to wear anything. Now that July has swung by, it's easier to get stylish with layering.

4. The nightly lightning show.
The kind without thunder, I mean. There's something so beautiful about the white fire dancing in the sky, slightly veiled by clouds. They remind me somewhat of flickering candles in paper lanterns

5. The way the herbs grow bigger and faster
I love basil, rosemary, mint and the other herbs in our garden. They dry up a pit in the summer, but come rainy season, they grow lush and fragrant. I can pick them straight from the garden and add them to my fave dishes. There is usually an abundance that we can share the harvest with our friends.