Sunday, October 31, 2010

summer in october

Last Monday I went to a beach resort with my mother-law and sisters-in-law. I had fun having even just a day out of town, especially since I hadn't been able to visit the beach last summer. It was a Summer in October of sorts - we were blessed to have a good amount of sun and wind that day, and I acquired the tan lines to prove it.

That place we went to is an exclusive resort called Pico de Loro. It's is one of thirteen natural coves in Hamilo Coast, an area currently being developed in Batangas.

Typically I dislike beaches - I mean the generic kind of beaches where there is a lot of clutter, hardly any decent bathrooms, a strong salty-fishy smell and roaming vendors trying to push you stuff. I hate how strong chlorine solutions give me rashes, how sharp sand-crystals crawl into my bathing suit, and the absolute inconvenience in using the shower.

But places like these, I absolutely adore.

It's got a litter-free shore of powder-soft light sand cluttered with intact shells (i.e., not shell fragments). Really lovely.

And cheers! No annoying vendors or uncomfortable "comfort rooms". Everything's nice!

I was also happy to see that there are a lot of fish and trees in that area.

There is an unsullied view of the coast, wide-open spaces and well-planned architecture that works with the natural layout. Very easy on the eyes and more conducive to relaxation than the usual random beach-hut theme.

I had fun splashing around (both in the swimming pool and in the saltwater), even if I hardly remember anything I learned from childhood swimming lessons.

It was too delightful to feel warm sand under my feet again, bathing in the warm glow of "summer" while lazing off to delightful Beach Boys music.