Monday, October 11, 2010

knowing there is a heaven

Of course I believe in Heaven. Knowing that there is a Heaven is not just a way of coping with the grief of loss, but an assent that God is sovereign and good.

Deaths and funerals aren't new to me, but losing a loved one isn't something you get used to. Sure, you grow familiar with the traditions and rites and various grieving processes associated, but it doesn't diminish the sadness because every loss is unique.

My father-in-law passed away recently and though all those who love him were grieved (and likely still grieving), still a sense of joy is very evident in each one. We rejoice because he is in a happier place, free from the limitations of an aging body, free from the illness he suffered in his last days with us. We rejoice because our separation is but temporary; we will all get together again sometime under better circumstances.

Knowing there is a Heaven changes death: Death is not merely an end but a beginning; not merely a cause for sorrow but of celebration. Death is no longer cold but kind.