Thursday, January 27, 2011

girls talk: other intentions for 2011

We've posted about our 2010 plans for health, work and love in the past few weeks of Girls Talk, and this week we're rounding up our resolutions month with life in general.

The overall purpose of making resolutions and setting goals for oneself, I believe, is personal growth and/or betterment.

Ever heard this practical piece of advice? - Don't compare (or compete) with others; just compare (or compete) with yourself. The bottom line is to be secure about yourself, but at the same time checking that you are growing. You don't have to be a perfect person. Just make sure you're a growing one. ;)

This is how I do it: Periodically I ask myself Am I a better person than I was this time last year? Follow it up with question along the lines of, Am I in a better place in my life? Am I better skilled at something? Have my relationships improved? Am I happier or more content now? And so on. I just want to be sure that my life is not stagnant and that I am constantly growing and improving.

Other areas I want to work on:

Chat at least once a week with my Mom and my brother.
Drop by my mother-in-law's place weekly (or at least every other week).

Now that the Hubby and I will be generating more income, we're glad we can set aside more savings. Aside from leaving a certain amount untouched in the bank, I want us to put P100 each in our piggy bank every payday.

Spiritual health
Spend time with God daily, and get back into the habit of making journal notes. I used to be a committed journaller, but I noticed that I've neglected journalling since I started blogging my thoughts.

I intend to get myself more involved in our new church this year.

Intellectual / mental growth
I don't know how I should do this yet. In the past years, I've made it my goal to read a certain number of books for the year, but I'm thinking that books are ridiculously expensive these days, and if I want to save money I have to be a bit more practical.
Maybe I should do at least one crossword puzzle a week, to keep myself sharp.

Keep blogging. ^_^
Be faithful with my 365 Project - one photo a day for every day of the year.

That's pretty much it. :) See other girls talk about their 2011 resolutions at Beauty Queen Gene: