Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a look back at my 2010

General climate of 2010: Grace-filled and hopeful. Like a huge burst of fresh air.

The best decision made: Exiting a stressful, dead-end situation.

Biggest joy: Open doors and uncapped lids. The possibility - or perhaps the probability inclined toward likelihood - of bigger, better, more exciting things for us.

Biggest challenge:
A shift in finances. The Hubby switched jobs early this year, which meant a change in the amount of income. This also meant the need to take on a few other jobs and adjusting our lifestyle. God has taken very good care of us though; we are still living comfortably and have fortunately settled all accounts. Praise the Lord!

Greatest find: SC and CS. :) It's God-ordained, I tells yah.

Greatest loss: My father-in-law. :( He was a wonderful man and will be truly missed.

Most noteworthy injury: An inch-long laceration at the base of my right thumb, caused by carelessness and a tin can. It required stitches and a few weeks of having not to move my thumb.

Spiritual principle of the year:
Liquid church. Less of the ordained, more of the ordinary.

This year's ministry: The Cave. Our little group of misfits and outcasts, inspired by King David's group of misfits and outcasts in 1 Samuel 22.

Most fun project: Tim Burton Un-Birthday Party. I pretty much conceptualized the thing and helped to organize it, though I never got to invite any of my friends since there was a sudden drastic shift in the intended age group ^_^ Nonetheless I had a lot of fun making decors and thinking up the details. I want another one next year.

Best trip out of town: Definitely the trip to Vigan, Ilocos Sur. A literal feast on local cuisine, and a feast for the eyes. It was also quite educational, particularly in the level of family history.

Best party attended: The motherside's Christmas reunion.
A good second would be the Tim Burton Un-Birthday Party that I helped organize.

Prettiest thing I made: The modified Audille nymph necklace I made as ordered by a buyer. I thought it was so pretty, I was tempted to keep it for myself.

Fashion fixation: Statement necklaces and tumbled semiprecious stones.

Favorite gift received: My new Nikon D5000 camera, from the Hubby. ^_^

Favorite gift given: A fondue set for the sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

The biggest disappointment: The candidate I soooo wanted to become president didn't win. I really thought he had a chance. Oh well. When Noynoy's popularity flops as he sits this through for the next five-and-a-half years, it'll make the guy in green look a lot more decent. Maybe in 2016.

The most hurtful thing: Rejection and betrayal by those we used to trust.
The ones who were once like family / Now treat us like the enemy.

My best reads for 2010:
Nonfiction: A Brief History of Time, Dr. Stephen Hawking.
Fiction: Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh
Another must-mention is So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore by Jake Colesen, et al. It isn't a gem in terms of literary style, but it's a freshly-faceted treasure of Christian principles.

My fave 2010 movie: Inception. It rocks in several different levels. Chris Nolan is a genius.
My second favorite movie would be the unexpectedly praiseworthy remake of an '80s favorite, The Karate Kid. A wonderfully feelgood flick for the underdog in everybody.

Fave TV series: Still, The Big Bang Theory. I'm not too fond of the additions to the cast, but the ensemble works as a whole.

Fave new snack: Dairy Queen Blizzard in Brownie Temptation trumps Lay's Potato Chips this year.
And almonds. I'm loving almonds.

Fave New Game: Last Word.

Fave new acquaintance: Josh T. Another one would be Luigi T.

Fave re-acquaintance: Bro. Manny.

Fave month of 2010: Easily, December.

Weight gained: Two chickens.