Sunday, January 9, 2011

tagaytay, ukay-ukay and a happy high

I went with a few of my cousins to Tagaytay for some mountain air, mushroom burger and civet coffee. It was good, clean, fuss-free fun, spilling over from the cheery Holiday spirit.

We found this lovely little inn with a coffee shop, in which we enjoyed a splendid view of the lake ...

... and I had a blast at the trip to the ukay-ukay stores.

I got me some tops for P120-150. The gray one cost me a mere P50. I also got that pretty dupatta (Indian scarf) above for P150. A really happy thawt.

Oh, about the civet coffee ... We dared each other to at least have a sip of the exotic drink ... but that didn't happen ^_^ We already stuffed ourselves with mushroom burger and dessert, we just didn't have any appetite left for it.

I'm still intrigued about how it tastes though (I've been told it's really good). Perhaps I could work up the courage to taste it the next time I visit Tagaytay.