Thursday, June 24, 2010

girls talk; what's in my bag

Another fun topic for Girls Talk this Thursday. ^_^

This is my bag. It's a relatively cheap but durable locally-made thing that I bought as a birthday gift to myself two years ago. It's not that big but I can magically squeeze a whole lot of stuff in it.

The secret: I use a bag organizer.

I absolutely recommend every lady to have a bag organizer. It not only keeps your things neat, but it makes it easier for you to switch bags - all you have to do is transfer your organizer.

I have my vanity kit and my wallet of course, which I already shared about in previous posts.

And then I have everything else:

First Row:
Hand sanitizer.
A small pouch.
A travel toothbrush and a toothpaste.
Nivea Caregloss and lip balm (I love Nivea!).
A flask of cologne.
A small tube of lotion.

Second Row:
A bag hook - another practical thing for every lady to have. It's so you don't have to put your bag on the floor or on the back of your seat whenever you go out.
Wet wipes.
Oil control film.
A small case where I keep my allergy pills, Advil and dust mask (because the nasty allergic rhinitis acts up sometimes), and my keys.

Third Row:
A small notebook and pencil.
A book. I am currently reading JRR Tolkien's Unfinished Tales.
A small, compact Bible.
A handy instamatic Camera. I always bring a camera so I can snap photos for my 365 project.

And oh - one very important thing - my cellphone. I was not able to take a photo of it because I left it on my bedroom sidetable.

... And that's about it! :D

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